Suntec, Singapore 17-18 Aug 2019

5th Asia Pacific - CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

Aesthetics Uncommon: The Rewards of a Unique Collaboration and Personal Friendship within the Dental Profession


The mandate on today’s dental professionals to deliver predictable high-strength and highly aesthetic restorations is continually increasing. The addition of high-strength ultra-translucent zirconia has significantly augmented the ability of the ceramist to meet the soaring expectations of the dentists and patients that they work with. Lines of communication between the clinician and the dental technician, however, are often marked by antagonism and derision and carry potential untoward negative ramifications to the patients being treated. This presentation aims to elucidate straightforward step-by-step protocols for achieving uncommon results while illustrating the inner workings of an efficacious and amicable collaboration between colleagues endeavoring to promote and maintain the oral health of others.

Learning Objectives

  • Review of the current materials available to the ceramist and dental professional that can be utilized in the restoration of complex fixed crown and bridge treatment plans.
  • Determine the chairside/benchtop protocols that will ensure the highest quality final product at delivery.
  • Discuss the most frequently cited roadblocks to communication between the dental laboratory technicians and the referring dentist.
  • Apply concepts within the dental laboratory/office to achieve optimum patient care.
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