Suntec, Singapore 17-18 Aug 2019

5th Asia Pacific - CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

Clinical Challenges in Chairside CAD/CAM Dentistry


Whether it’s by fervent advocacy or reluctant acknowledgment of dentists, digital dentistry is an unstoppable force that is slowly but surely overtaking the ways of the old. The technology has not only accelerated a multitude of dental workflows, but also expanded the scopes and the possibilities as well. For most dentists, however, their first exposures to this new world is often disappointing, if not frustrating. In order for reality to conform to expectations, proper skills, knowledge, and management is necessary. Through an exploration of clinical problems, this presentation will provide an overview of what’s possible and what’s practical.

Learning Objectives

  • State of CAD/CAM dentistry
  • Managing expectations
  • Challenges and errors in clinical workflow
  • Common misconceptions about the efficacy of digital technology
  • The path forward for the modern dentist
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