Suntec, Singapore 17-18 Aug 2019

5th Asia Pacific - CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

Digital Attrition Reconstruction with DSD and Virtual Articulation

Lecture Synopsis

The moment that our teeth erupts, they begin to receive a lifetime of wear and tear. As dental clinicians, we are at the mercy of such nature. When a patient walks in for prosthodontic restoration, it is not a question of IF there is wear, but HOW MUCH of it has already been endured. The further down the road of attrition, the more difficult the treatment becomes. Fortunately, with the power of digital dentistry and a basic understanding of attrition patterns, we can help these patients with a predicable and systematic approach. 

This lecture will focus on two primary concepts: digital reconstructive designs for patients with attrition, and the transferring of such designs into the CEREC workflow.

Learning Objectives

  • Attrition patterns and management
  • Incisal Map Concept using Digital Smile Design
  • Restoration fabrication in a fully digital workflow
  • Multiple restorations in a single visit
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