Suntec, Singapore 17-18 Aug 2019

5th Asia Pacific - CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

Digital Multidisciplinary Approach in the Class II Deep Bite with Severe Tooth Wear by using PP Face Design

Most often, severe tooth wear patients present with loss of tooth structure, loss of vertical dimension (VD), deep overbite and altered occlusion. In addition, their face looks aged and shorter with an unpleasant smile. Orthodontics alone might align teeth well but may solve all those problems of facial esthetics. Hence, a multidisciplinary approach is required in such cases which include fabrication of restorations to increase the VD during aligning the teeth and smile design procedures as needed. In addition, correction of occlusal plane and repositioning of the condyle in a favorable position are also important. “PP face design” is a digital workflow with a philosophy of a digital facial driven design and digital smile design. This concept considers the importance of facial harmony, proportions, profile, and esthetics while doing oral rehabilitation from the multidisciplinary approach for making the esthetically pleasuring face.

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