Suntec | Singapore 17-18 Aug 2019

Dental Technician Parallel Session 2019

Transition from Analog to Digital Clinical Workflows with 3D Printing and CAD-CAM (MAIN CONFERENCE HALL)


While traditional, analog denture techniques are employed to fabricate a denture for our patients, the process is often cumbersome and limiting. Using digital technology, clinicians and laboratory technicians are able to produce dentures with speed, reliability, and consistency. This presentation aims to evaluate CAD-CAM technology as it applies to digital full-arch dentures, fixed hybrid bridges, and removable partial dentures. Special emphasis will be placed on clinical workflows using 3D printing technology and evaluating the materials and printers used for digital dentures.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the differences between traditional and digital denture workflows
  • Become exposed to software and CAD-CAM systems for use with digital denture production
  • Become familiar with 3D printers and the materials used to produce a printed denture
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