05 Mar 2024

DMG, Advanced Healthcare & CAPP collaborate for anterior composites course in Dubai

“The Art of Anterior Composites” hands-on course was delivered exceptionally by Dr Shiraz Khan from the UK at the CAPP Training Institute in Dubai at the beginning of March 2024.
DMG, Advanced Healthcare & CAPP collaborate for anterior composites course in Dubai

Photos: CAPP Events & Training

This was an intensive two-day hands-on training course focused on mastering the art of anterior composites. Hosted by DMG and their local UAE distributor Advanced Healthcare, the course provided attendees with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in this critical aspect of dentistry.

The venue for the course was the state-of-the-art CAPP Training Institute, which provided the perfect setting for participants to immerse themselves in the world of anterior composites. From the administrative work to securing permits and accreditation, CAPP ensured that everything was in place for a seamless learning experience.

Day one kicked off with a series of lectures covering essential topics such as the overview of anterior composite dentistry, basic principles of colour matching and shade selection, and advanced layering techniques for achieving natural aesthetics. Participants were also introduced to resin infiltration and its applications in dental treatment, including case selection and treatment planning for innovative Icon technique.

Day two attendees dove into hands-on sessions where they had the opportunity to put theory into practice. Under the guidance of Dr. Shiraz Khan, participants worked on phantom heads to master shade matching, preparation, layering, contouring techniques, and case discussions. The interactive nature of the hands-on sessions allowed for real-time feedback and troubleshooting, ensuring that participants gained confidence in their skills. In the afternoon, hands-on sessions continued with a deeper dive into the Icon resin infiltration technique, giving participants the chance to further hone their. Case discussions provided valuable insights into real-world applications, while troubleshooting sessions equipped participants with practical tips for overcoming common obstacles.