11 Mar 2024

Dr. Tarek M. Taleb Saied Suliman successfully obtains DOH - Abu Dhabi implantology privilege

Dental Tribune Middle East and Africa recently had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Tarek M. Taleb Saied Suliman, a General Practitioner Dentist and Implantologist at Barazi Dental Centre in Al Ain. Dr. Tarek has recently obtained the Department of Health (DOH) Abu Dhabi Implantology Privilege and shares his valuable perspective on this accomplishment.
Dr. Tarek M. Taleb Saied Suliman successfully obtains DOH - Abu Dhabi implantology privilege

Dr. Tarek, it is a pleasure to feature an experienced dentist such as yourself on the Dental Tribune Middle East and Africa edition. To begin, could you provide our readers with some insights into your background? Tell us about your educational journey and your extensive work experience, particularly in relation to your practice in the UAE.
Certainly, I completed my dental education at Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST) in 2010, and over the past decade, I have been dedicatedly practicing dentistry at Barazi Dental Centre in Al Ain. My professional journey has been rooted in the UAE, allowing me to gain valuable experience and contribute to the dental healthcare landscape in this dynamic region. I have had the privilege of witnessing and being part of the evolving dental industry, and it has been a fulfilling experience serving the community here for the past ten years.

We understand that you have successfully completed the Clinical Implantology Dentistry Certificate and Diploma programme from the CAPP-Tipton Dental Academy, the British Academy of Dental Implantology (BADI), and the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD). Could you share your experience with our readers and elaborate on the program's components and what it entailed?
The programme was thoughtfully organised, encompassing both theoretical and practical components, including hands-on experience with live patients. It provided a comprehensive understanding of patient assessment and treatment planning, thanks to the guidance of distinguished instructors such as Prof Göran Urde and Dr. Maurizio Martini. The programme's structure and the expertise of the instructors significantly contributed to my professional growth and proficiency in implant dentistry.

Following your completion of the Clinical Implantology Certificate and Diploma, you successfully obtained the Implantology Privilege from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi. Could you provide our readers with more insights into the process of obtaining this privilege? Additionally, what advice would you offer to dentists in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain who aspire to achieve an Implantology Privilege?
The process of obtaining the Implantology Privilege involved meticulous documentation of cases and a deep dive into the current literature within the realm of implant dentistry. It is crucial to thoroughly document each case, highlighting the intricate details and demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the procedures performed. My advice to fellow dentists in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain aspiring to obtain an Implantology Privilege would be to emphasize the importance of precise case documentation and continuous learning. Keeping up with the evolving landscape of implant dentistry through regular study of current literature contributes significantly to the successful attainment of such privileges.

In your current role at Barazi Dental Centre in Al Ain, could you provide our readers with more information about the clinic and the range of procedures you perform there?
Barazi Medical Center has been a cornerstone of healthcare in Al Ain since its establishment in 1987, making it one of the oldest and most renowned medical centers in the city. Within the dental department, my focus primarily lies in oral surgery and periodontics. I take great pride in my specialization, which involves addressing complex surgical cases and the treatment of periodontal conditions. Additionally, I find joy in performing restorative cases, contributing to the overall oral health and aesthetics of our patients.

Having worked in the UAE for an extended period, what has been your experience as a dentist in one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan countries globally? Could you also share your insights into life in the UAE in general?
Working as a dentist in the UAE has been an enriching experience. The country provides an exceptional environment for professional growth, marked by modern infrastructure and a forward-thinking approach to healthcare. The UAE's diverse and cosmopolitan nature is evident not only in the patients we serve but also in the professional collaborations within the healthcare community.

Life in the UAE, in general, is characterized by a contemporary lifestyle that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. The daily routine is comfortable and efficient, contributing to an overall sense of ease. What truly sets the UAE apart is its multicultural and vibrant society, where one can encounter a plethora of languages and interact with people from diverse corners of the globe. The UAE's welcoming atmosphere and the opportunity to engage with a global community make it a great country to live in both personally and professionally.

It's evident that you are passionate about dental education. Could you share more about why you are passionate about it and how postgraduate education has contributed to your career growth and enhanced patient care?
My enthusiasm for dental education stems from the transformative impact it has had on my career. Continuing education has been a catalyst for significant improvements in my professional practice. It has enabled me to stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field, introducing me to new treatment modalities and cutting-edge techniques.

Through postgraduate education, I have expanded my skill set and acquired a deeper understanding of evolving dental practices. This continual learning process has not only broadened my knowledge base but has also empowered me to provide enhanced and more sophisticated care to my patients. The ability to integrate new approaches and technologies into my practice, all gained through ongoing education, has been pivotal in elevating the quality of patient care I can offer. In essence, postgraduate education has been a driving force in my career growth and a cornerstone in my commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes for those under my care.

Dr. Tarek, it has been a pleasure learning more about your professional journey. Before we conclude, could you share with our readers a bit about your hobbies and how you like to spend your private time?
In my leisure time, I find enjoyment in activities that help me stay active and refreshed. I particularly like swimming and playing tennis. These hobbies not only contribute to my physical well-being but also provide a welcome break from the demands of my profession.

It has been a delight to have you with us on the Dental Tribune Middle East and Africa edition, Dr. Tarek. Your insights and experiences have undoubtedly added valuable perspectives to our readership. Thank you very much for this informative and engaging interview.