Suntec | Singapore 17-18 Aug 2019

Digital Orthodontic Forum 2019

The Insignia Solution


Combining the efficiency of digital smile design and the precision of patient-specific appliances.

Insignia offers a comprehensive digital design and customized appliance treatment system that empowers you to achieve your ideal finishes efficiently and consistently.

How it works:

  • Scan: Patient data is digitized and prepared for 3D design.
  • Design: Case specialists provide a setup that you are able to review and manipulate using Insignia’s Approver software.
  • Build: Custom brackets, wires and placement guides (jigs) are fabricated based on your approved design.
  • Bond: Custom brackets are accurately positioned with precision indirect bonding jigs.


  • History of Insignia – 10 Mins
    • CAE analysis of cases
    • Development of algorithms
  • What is Insignia now? – 10 mins
    • Type of bracket
    • Indirect delivery system
  • Case submission – 10 mins
    • Doctors preferences
    • Uploading scans and photos
  • Approver software – 15 mins
    • How to adjust case set ups
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